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Introducing CharmLive

The First Video Chat Based Dating Site

Operated by AML Network Ltd, CharmLive is the first live video based dating site among the internet allowing male and female members to connect each other by live and real-time technology. Video dating is a more vivid than traditional online dating. Apart from static images and text, you can discover and meet people who share the same interests, and then build exciting relationships by live streaming.

CharmLive's mission is to create a vividly interactive platform where anyone can participate. We believe that real-time engagement offers a unique opportunity for authentic social content and allows our worldwide users to come together to forge connections, date, chat, and entertain.

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"Video Date Anytime, Anywhere!"

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Talent Show - Sing A Song provides a great many broadcasters of different kinds. And some of them are very talented. They're good at dancing, singing, Yoga, etc. You can learn a lot from them, or share life and emotions. They can be your teachers, and be your friends and listeners at the same time. All in all, you can get a lot of joy from the live streaming on



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